Promotion (Promotion)


Promotion (Promotion)

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How to make products or services known in the market and have many consumers? Yes, you have to do a promotion. Basically, promotion is an information dissemination activity that is persuading, influencing and reminding the market that your product is ready to be sold and bought by them.

One thing you can do is to advertise. Advertising can be done through media such as newspapers, electronics, brochures, banners, social media. In the digital age like now, promotion is very easy because there are many social media that will really help you.


Place or location is one of the determinants of sales turnover. Of course you want your product or service to sell well, right? Therefore, the place or location of the sale is also very important to consider. How do you determine the right location? The thing you can do is find and determine the sales location that suits your target market, whether it is for the bottom, middle, or up.


Participants are one additional element of the marketing mix strategy. The intended participants are everyone who enters and participates in marketing the product or service. For example, in the culinary business participants can take the form of restaurants, restaurants, cafes. In general, servants, officers, and resellers are also included as participants. Therefore, do not underestimate them, because they have a big enough share in determining marketing strategies.


The process referred to in the marketing element here is the management process. Management strategy is very important to note. This is because his decision determines the success of marketing. In addition, you must also pay attention to the process of service to consumers. Good service to consumers has a great influence on marketing results.

Physical Evidence (evidence / physical environment)

Physical evidence is in the form of evidence or physical environment. The intended physical environment is related to conditions or atmosphere. As an example to avoid confusion, physical evidence such as facilities, corporate vision and mission, company symbols, brand, company wealth, and other matters related to product marketing activities.

So that’s the marketing mix that you must understand if you want to grow your business and win market competition. To support the marketing mix concept, you also need to do financial planning and management properly. You can use Journal assistance.

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