Use of Digital Technology


Use of Digital Technology

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6 Corporate Strategy Facing the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0As expected by the government, companies are able to use digital technologies such as Big Data, Autonomous Robots, Cybersecurity, Cloud, and Augmented Reality. This is an embodiment of three smart solutions in the face of the 4.0 industrial revolution, smart foundation, smart process, and smart connectivity. The company must have a strategy to build an intelligent IT foundation, build an intelligent IT process and build an intelligent IT connectivity system. If all this is successfully done, it will be very helpful to improve work efficiency within the company. Even with the application of this technology the company will be able to save costs around 12-15%.

Harmonization of Rules & Policies

6 Corporate Strategy Facing the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0In a company there are many processes that go through to finally produce a product. And in each of these processes, there are their own rules and policies. Whether intended for goods and services produced, employees, management, and position holders. Harmonization is needed in making and applying these rules and policies so that they do not backfire for the company itself. Especially in the era of the industrial revolution in which various lines in the company also changed. Rules and policies in the supply of raw materials, employee protection, division of labor, business competition, and many more must be made clear so as not to harm either party. Apart from within the company, the government also helps by harmonizing rules and policies to support industrial competitiveness and ensure good coordination with policymakers.

Attract Foreign Investor Interests

6 Corporate Strategy Facing the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 A business needs investors as support for company development. Like a new business, companies entering the industrial era 4.0 also need investors to help. Not only in material terms, but this investor can also be used for technology transfer. Particularly foreign investors who have largely undergone revolutionary changes long before local companies know him. The presence of foreign investors is very helpful for developing countries like Indonesia, which still has less application of technology. To increase investment, the Indonesian government will actively involve global manufacturing companies. The government will choose the top 100 manufacturing companies in the world as the main candidates and offer attractive incentives. Another way to take is to dialogue with foreign governments for national-level collaboration. This effort is expected to influence the process of transformation of industrial economic activities in Indonesia.

Expand Business Network

6 Corporate Strategy Facing the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 Efforts to expand business networks can be done in various ways. Not only targeting investors but also consumers. Expand the company’s network among consumers by providing quality products and satisfying services. With the satisfaction obtained, it is not impossible that consumers themselves who paved the way for your company are known by many parties. It is also helped by promoting and getting closer to consumers, which is the most effective solution to retain consumers. Because if consumers already trust your company, changes in patterns and methods of consumption as a result of the industrial revolution will not have too much effect on them.

Those were some of the strategies that companies can undertake to be able to deal with the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 where all changes can occur. The point is that companies must be able to create an ongoing climate of innovation. Because companies that continue to innovate will find ways to continue to be relevant and lead the competition in the 4.0 industrial revolution.

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